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Industry Challenges
June 12, 2024

UbiSim Debuts New Initiative to Support Goals of the Nursing is STEM Coalition

UbiSim's campaign kicks off at INACSL 2024 Conference to require U.S. government agencies to categorize nursing as a STEM field to help alleviate nursing shortage

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June 4, 2024

Simcast Podcast Features UbiSim Nurse Educator

UbiSim’s Lead Nurse Educator, Christine Vogel MSN, RN, CHSE, CHSOS, was invited to appear on an episode of SimCast, the higher education simulation podcast hosted by Tony Jermy and Lawrence Hill. The video podcast episode debuted on May 29, 2024.

Industry Challenges
April 28, 2024

Using Virtual Reality to Improve Communication and Collaboration in Nursing Teams

Nursing is a profession that requires not only technical skills, but also soft skills such as critical thinking, decision making, empathy, confidence, teamwork, and smooth communication. But how can less experienced nurses develop their soft skills in terms of judgment, communication, and teamwork for better patient outcomes? Simulations allow nurses to practice and improve clinical reasoning, teamwork, and resilience in a realistic, controlled, high-pressure but safe environment. That’s the value of simulation; it’s a chance to make mistakes, analyze and reflect on performance, determine the possible fixes, and build muscle memory without real-world consequences from errors.

June 12, 2024

Let’s Make Nursing a STEM Designation: Interview with the Director of Nursing is STEM Coalition

The Nursing is STEM Coalition is determined to have nursing recognized as a STEM field. UbiSim is supporting them. Here's an interview with the Director of the Coalition.

June 3, 2024

Should I Be a Nurse or a Teacher? How About Both!

Discover the rewarding career of a nurse educator, blending nursing and teaching to train the next generation of healthcare professionals.

May 21, 2024

Securing Success with UbiSim: Strategies for Faculty to Champion and Sustain VR Learning 

Secure UbiSim's success in your institution with strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and tailored training. Discover tips to maximize VR learning adoption and ROI.

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences Increases Enrollment with UbiSim

Discover how NHL Stenden University's innovative use of UbiSim VR has expanded its nursing program, improved student enrollment, and enhanced real-world nursing skills.

UbiSim's Virtual Reality is a Catalyst for Confidence in a Nursing Student

Discover how UbiSim's VR transformed a nursing student's experience, boosting confidence and patient care competence through realistic simulations and practice.

Loewenberg College of Nursing Increases Next Gen NCLEX Scores with UbiSim VR

UbiSim VR transforms nursing education at Loewenberg College, boosting NCLEX scores with immersive simulations and flexible practices

Guide to a Successful Onboarding & Implementation with UbiSim

Explore seamless VR onboarding with UbiSim's guide, offering dedicated support, over 50 tailored nursing scenarios, and hands-on training for effective implementation.

What the Data Tell Us About the UbiSim VR Platform for Nursing Simulation [2024]

Review a comprehensive evaluation of UbiSim's efficacy. Find out how UbiSim is contributing to the future of nursing education.

Your Guide to a Successful Nursing Simulation Program

We’re excited that you’re exploring how immersive virtual reality (VR) can enhance your nursing simulation program! You may be wondering where to start. In this brief guide, we’ll share why we think UbiSim is an ideal training solution for your learners, how our VR scenarios work, and just how easy (and cost-effective) the platform is to implement in your lab.


Step Into the World of UbiSim at INACSL. Reserve your time slot to experience UbiSim live at our IMSH booth #417 with one of our experts.

IMSH 2024

Step Into the World of UbiSim at IMSH. Reserve your time slot to experience UbiSim live at our IMSH booth #938 with one of our experts.

NLN 2023 Education Summit

Join us to discover the future of simulation in nursing and the potential of VR.

Developing Clinical Judgment Through Virtual Reality Simulation

Building VR simulation programs and how high-fidelity simulation experiences enable nurse learners to improve clinical judgment

MAST Virtual Reality Spotlight: UbiSim

Discover How UbiSim's Immersive VR Transforms Nursing Education

Beyond the Simulation Lab: Designing Immersive VR Simulations

This workshop discusses how the operations specialist and educator collaborate in designing immersive VR simulations using the UbiSim Editor.

Experience Virtual Reality Nursing Training

Discover the power of UbiSim's realistic simulations for nursing programs.

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