Healthcare Systems

Drive Better Patient Outcomes

UbiSim enables healthcare systems to bridge knowledge gaps, expand training affordably, and equip nurses to confidently and skillfully navigate patient care situations

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Standardize Excellence with High Fidelity VR

UbiSim offers an immersive, authentic experience with an unparallelled fidelity to clinical settings. Designed by nurses for nurses, UbiSim’s high resolution modeling, haptic feedback, and unscripted dialogue work in tandem to bolster the soft and hard skills necessary to excel as a nurse.

Scale with Cost Effective Training

Traditional training methods are at once indispensable and limited in practical terms of resource allocation. UbiSim empowers peer-to-peer training to take place even in the absence of skilled facilitators, with minimal demands on limited space and expedited reset times between sessions.

Enhance Retention by Empowering Staff

A staggering 56% of nurses leave within their first two years, but engaging training tools counteract burnout. Immersive VR accelerates onboarding, while expanding opportunities for professional development, teamwork, and confidence building.

Bridge Training Gaps

Only 9% of newly graduated nurses are ready to practice on day one, while knowledge gaps pose hidden risks to quality care. UbiSim's peer reviewed catalog empowers programs to enhance the transition to practice, meeting core competencies that improve patient outcomes.


Survey on Nursing Simulation Presented by UbiSim

16 November 2023

of nurse learners agree that UbiSim is highly realistic


Survey on Nursing Simulation Presented by UbiSim

16 November 2023

of nursing administrators agree that UbiSim has been a cost-effective way for their institution to scale training

Two female nurses collaborating on a laptop, discussing patient care and medical records.

“We were able to edit the scenario to match our exact needs. Scenario editors like the one in UbiSim are going to be the future of VR training in hospitals, where clinical educators have to customize their own scenarios and UbiSim offers that.”

Jeff Jacobson

SIMEngineering XR Project Manager

Boston Children’s Hospital

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Experience the Future of Nursing

Discover how UbiSim's VR training can deliver a learning advantage to your program.

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Do faculty need to be present for training to occur?

UbiSim is adaptable for peer or faculty facilitation, offering scalability and flexible facilitation strategies that don't require skilled facilitators.

Can UbiSim scenarios be customized?

Yes! Alongside UbiSim’s extensive catalog of scenarios, UbiSim offers the industry’s most intuitive scenario editing tool. Users are able to easily customize, create and share scenarios to meet unique program needs. Browse our extensive catalog.

Is UbiSim aligned with industry standards?

Each scenario aligns with the Next Generation NCLEX-RN® test plan, the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model, and the AACN Essentials Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education.

Can UbiSim work alongside manikins?

Yes of course! UbiSim complements manikins with a scalable solution that incorporates teamwork, authentic communication/interaction, and clinical judgment within a virtual context.

Does UbiSim work on all VR headsets?

UbiSim works on the entire wireless Quest family of headsets, including Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro. Headsets are not included with a UbiSim purchase.