UbiSim Solves the Crisis in Nursing Competency

Quality and safety are at stake. Only about 9% of newly graduated nurses are ready to practice on day one, and even experienced nurses continue to have competency gaps. UbiSim VR simulation makes it easier, faster, and less expensive for healthcare systems to provide ongoing training for nurses at all levels to improve their practice and boost outcomes.
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Put UbiSim to work training your staff so your staff can get to work improving patient outcomes. UbiSim VR training scenarios mirror patient disease states and give nurses the opportunity to practice skills like recognizing and analyzing patient cues, making accurate decisions, and communicating with patients, patients’ families, and members of the healthcare team.

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Professional Development For New and Experienced Nurses

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UbiSim provides a scalable solution for professional development across healthcare systems.

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Resource Saving

With flexible implementation options and minimal space requirements, VR simulation seamlessly fits into your nurses’ busy schedules.

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UbiSim’s VR platform empowers nurses to improve their practice, hone their clinical judgment skills, and improve patient outcomes.

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Whether your learners are new graduate nurses or experienced professionals, UbiSim provides authentic VR clinical environments, patients, and situations that engage nurses in the learning experience.

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All medications and equipment are virtual – promoting in situ simulation safety and preventing any mix ups between simulated and real-life supplies.

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UbiSim scenarios are ready to go with the click of a button – minimal turnover time empowers healthcare systems to efficiently accommodate a large number of learners.

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Why UbiSim

Enhance clinical decision-making and foster nursing excellence with UbiSim VR

Reduce Costs and Save Time with UbiSim

With staffing shortages, most healthcare systems can’t justify providing qualified staff to get new nurses up to speed. UbiSim comes with all-inclusive access to an entire catalog of evidence-based scenarios and empowers you to scale high-fidelity simulation without demanding extra time from nurse educators.

UbiSim is a Safe Space for Learning

Taking risks and making mistakes is a part of learning, but nursing errors are unacceptable in the real world. To keep patients safe, healthcare systems are choosing to have nurses practice inside the safe and controlled, realistic VR environment of UbiSim.

Interact with peers in a collaborative VR learning environment
Immersive VR enhances clinical judgement by simulating real-world scenarios.

Customize Learning Scenarios (it’s easy!)

UbiSim comes with all-inclusive access to an entire catalog of customizable, pre-built scenarios. Using its intuitive editing tool, nurse educators can change the parameters of the scenarios - or even create their own. You won’t need a developer to create a scenario for you, so there’s no waiting for changes from the IT department or spending money on development fees.

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