Tips & Tricks

Guide to a Successful Onboarding & Implementation with UbiSim

Explore seamless VR onboarding with UbiSim's guide, offering dedicated support, over 50 tailored nursing scenarios, and hands-on training for effective implementation.

Industry Challenges

What the Data Tell Us About the UbiSim VR Platform for Nursing Simulation [2024]

Review a comprehensive evaluation of UbiSim's efficacy. Find out how UbiSim is contributing to the future of nursing education.

Product Information

Your Guide to a Successful Nursing Simulation Program

We’re excited that you’re exploring how immersive virtual reality (VR) can enhance your nursing simulation program! You may be wondering where to start. In this brief guide, we’ll share why we think UbiSim is an ideal training solution for your learners, how our VR scenarios work, and just how easy (and cost-effective) the platform is to implement in your lab.

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Experience the Future of Nursing

Discover how UbiSim's VR training can deliver a learning advantage to your program.

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