A Complete Virtual Simulation Lab

Immerse your students around lifelike patients and maximize their engagement while they develop clinical reasoning, decision making and communication skills. Use our pre-built clinical scenarios or customize them to fit your needs.

A Complete Virtual Simulation Lab



Learners are fully immersed with a high level of perceptual fidelity giving them the opportunity for practical training and behaviorial change.


Increase throughput and access to simulation - complex clinical situations can be started in seconds, with minimal faculty resources.


Students learn by doing; they are more engaged, better prepared, and develop new skills faster.


The highly emotional nature of VR makes all the difference - learners are physically present and emotionally invested with their patients.


Repetition is an essential part of the learning process; UbiSim allows students to practice until mastery.


We use a powerful physiological model for our virtual patients, so all learners have the same consistent and standardized experience.
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How It Works

In three simple steps, learners can practice specific clinical scenarios and receive instant feedback.
Choose Your Scenarios

Choose Your Scenarios

Choose among a growing number of scenarios or customize existing ones with a variety of visual, physical, and behavioral situations.
Learners Train And Debrief

Learners Train And Debrief

Learners practice clinical situations in a safe and standardized environment while developing essential critical thinking and communication skills.
Review Results

Review Results

Debriefing with personalized feedback and audio/visual playback is available upon completion of each session. Faculty has access to aggregated data.
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Selected Clients

We realized that having a student complete a scenario in UbiSim provided almost an identical clinical experience for the student
Karen Manning, Dean - Division of Nursing
Labouré College of Healthcare

By integrating UbiSim into their curriculum during the 2020 Summer Semester, faculty supplemented more than 10,000 clinical hours.

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Why Ubisim?

Why Ubisim?

Dedicated To Nursing

We work exclusively on nursing simulation and immersive, interactive Virtual Reality. Our focus allows us to build a platform that responds best to the unique needs of nursing educators and nursing students.

Customizable Scenarios

Our pre-built scenarios are entirely customizable. Using our authoring tool, nursing educators and technicians can change any parameters in our scenarios or even create their own.

Wireless & Truly Interactive

No menus or point-and-click! Running on wireless VR headsets, we use intuitive hand gestures for a genuinely immersive and intuitive experience. We focus on comfort and realism for the most effective learning.
The students retains the information because they have lived the experience. That's the big advantage of virtual reality.

— Louise-Andrée Brien

Professor and academic coordinator of the simulation program
Faculty Of Nursing Sciences
Université de Montréal, Canada
I really feel that I'm thinking differently when I'm in Virtual Reality compared to when I'm in the lab or in an exam.

— Anya Pogharian

Undegraduate student in nursing sciences,
Université de Montréal, Canada