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Healthcare System

UbiSim and Boston Children’s Hospital

VR is cost-effective

“VR is an efficient way for people to get more training time, because manikin SIMs are expensive.”

Ease of VR deployment

“Usually, with VR, you have to handle so many details that it just takes longer. UbiSim takes a lot of the pain out of that. VR sims are usually slow to create and quick to deploy. With UbiSim, you can put together a scenario in about the same time as you can with a manikin.”

Works with other simulation modalities

“Trainees do the sepsis simulation on the manikins first then they do a VR sepsis simulation in UbiSim that we wrote ourselves. There are some things you can do in VR that you can't do in real life. You can have the virtual patient change color, talk, cough, it can do all sorts of things that a manikin just can't do. But the two do complement one another.”

Positive feedback from nurse trainees

“The feedback from students is very positive because there’s this novelty factor. They're going to pay a lot more attention and get more excited because it's interesting for them. Our nurses have that sense of novelty every time they play.”

Flexible scenario editing

“We were able to edit the scenario to match our exact needs. Scenario editors like the one in UbiSim are going to be the future of VR training in hospitals, where clinical educators have to customize their own scenarios and UbiSim offers that.”

Great experience with UX interface

“The user experience design is top-notch. It’s equal to the very best VR simulations that I've worked with. And that is achieved with a lot of hard work, clearly the result of hundreds of hours of debugging. BCH uses multiple XR tools, but UbiSim is the one we show to visitors and during demos because of the good interaction design.”

Jeff Jacobson
SIMEngineering XR Project Manager

“With UbiSim, you can put together a scenario in about the same time as you can with a manikin.”

UbiSim is used by all 1100 undergraduate nursing students and now accounts for 33% of simulation time in the BSN program

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