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April 4, 2024

6 Ways to Teach Cystic Fibrosis to Nursing Students


Ginelle Testa
UbiSim Story Teller

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Cystic fibrosis is a chronic illness affecting close to 40,000 children and adults in the United States. According to the American Nurse Journal, “Nurses should be acquainted with the underlying cause, treatments, and basic cystic fibrosis care guidelines.”

Effective teaching strategies are essential to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Here are six active learning approaches to teaching cystic fibrosis to nursing students, enhancing their learning experience, and preparing them for real-world challenges.

Ways to Teach

1. Low-Fidelity Simulations

These simulations use basic tools and resources to mimic real-life scenarios, providing students with a hands-on learning experience that enhances their understanding of how to manage cystic fibrosis in clinical settings. Nursing students can practice basic skills by incorporating low-fidelity simulations into their education. 

2. Gamification Techniques

Gamification introduces game-playing elements, such as scoring points, competing with others, and following rules, into the educational process to enhance engagement and motivation. By incorporating gamification in cystic fibrosis education, complex concepts can be simplified, making learning fun and effective. 

There's a Cystic Fibrosis Game that aims to help those with the illness understand it, but nursing students could use it to learn, too!

3. Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Tools

Leveraging immersive VR tools offers nursing students a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a nurse. UbiSim is a VR platform built just for nurses by nurse educators. Through the cystic fibrosis scenario in the UbiSim catalog, students can experience the support of the chronic illness in a controlled yet realistic environment. They can make mistakes in VR so that they don’t make them in a clinical setting. 

Utilizing VR even helps prepare learners for the Next Gen NCLEX by boosting their clinical judgment skills. VR is a great way to practice handling difficult conversations, such as providing education and reassurance to a patient with a chronic illness.

Request a demo of UbiSim today to help your nurse learners step into the shoes of a real nurse!

4. Role-Playing Scenarios

Role-playing is a dynamic teaching strategy that allows nursing students to practice communication, clinical decision-making, and patient education in a safe and supportive environment. Students can explore different perspectives on cystic fibrosis care by taking on roles such as the nurse, patient, or family member. 

This approach helps students develop empathy and improve their ability to educate and support patients in managing their illness. 

5. Case Studies

Case studies are an effective way to connect theoretical knowledge with clinical practice. By analyzing real scenarios, nursing students can apply their learning to provide holistic care to patients with cystic fibrosis. 

This method encourages critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and evidence-based practice. Case studies can be presented in various formats, such as written documents, videos, or interactive discussions, providing a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and complexities involved in cystic fibrosis care.

Final Thoughts

Educating nursing students on cystic fibrosis through innovative teaching strategies is vital in preparing them for the complexities of healthcare delivery. Educators can enhance active learning experiences, foster critical thinking, and equip students with the skills necessary to provide exceptional care to patients with cystic fibrosis. These approaches not only improve knowledge and practical skills but also emphasize the importance of empathy, communication, and patient education in managing chronic conditions like cystic fibrosis. 


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Ginelle Testa
UbiSim Story Teller

As an integral center of UbiSim's content team, Ginelle pens stories on the rapidly changing landscape of VR in nursing simulation. Ginelle is committed to elevating the voices of practicing nurses, nurse educators, and program leaders who are making a difference.

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