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October 2, 2023

How UbiSim Aligns with INACSL HSSOBP


Marissa Kloss
Nurse Educator

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UbiSim, designed exclusively for nursing, is a cutting-edge virtual reality training platform. It strictly adheres to the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice (HSSOBP). 

These standards ensure top-quality patient simulation activities, creating safe and effective learning environments. With UbiSim, users benefit from technologically advanced simulations that are pedagogically robust for nursing education.

Overview: INACSL HSSOBP & UbiSim

Professional Development

  • UbiSim's nursing educators prioritize their professional growth by attending and hosting webinars, publishing content, and engaging on social media, and monitoring feedback from learners and nurse educators.
  • Regular peer feedback ensures they remain updated with the latest skills and knowledge.

Prebriefing and Orientation

  • Expert nurse educators craft UbiSim's preparation activities, covering learning objectives, patient reports, EHR documents, and relevant medical details.
  • UbiSim briefings set a psychologically safe tone, clarify roles, and provide tutorials for the VR setup.

Simulation Design 

  • UbiSim's seasoned nurse educators, backed by extensive clinical knowledge, use evidence-based standards to create scenarios.
  • Every scenario aligns with the NCLEX Test Plan, Next Generation NCLEX, and AACN Essentials.
  • Scenarios come with clear, measurable objectives available to learners in advance.
  • Each patient is equipped with a detailed background and cues to enhance realism.
  • High fidelity is achieved through lifelike visuals and authentic interactions, strengthening the emotional connection between the learner and the patient.
  • Before release, each scenario undergoes a rigorous peer review and pilot testing.


  • The intuitive UbiSim Editor pre-defines patient details, ensuring the scenario flows as designed.
  • Pre-recorded dialogues ensure accuracy and alignment with learning goals.
  • Comprehensive pre-briefing and debriefing processes are standard for every scenario.

Debriefing Process

  • After each simulation, debriefing covers session feedback, reflection prompts, a post-simulation quiz, and a case study.


  • UbiSim requires minimal hardware – just a computer and a Quest 2 VR headset. Optional larger displays can enhance group sessions.
  • New clients receive comprehensive onboarding, and the UbiSim website offers dedicated support.

Outcomes & Objectives

  • All UbiSim scenarios align with the Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice.
  • They emphasize concise, evaluative learning objectives.

Professional Integrity

  • UbiSim prioritizes a safe, supportive environment promoting nursing proficiency.
  • A focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion is evident in the diverse patient scenarios presented.

Simulation-Enhanced Interprofessional Education

  • UbiSim's simulations draw from foundational theories like the Adult Learning Theory and The NLN Jeffries Simulation Theory.
  • While centered on nursing education, UbiSim is versatile for both academic and healthcare settings.
  • Scenarios are adaptable and the platform promotes teamwork through multiplayer functionality.

Evaluation of Learning and Performance

  • Post-scenario feedback reports can be employed for various evaluations as per institutional requirements.
  • The UbiSim Editor facilitates tailored scenario creations to match specific objectives or evaluations.

UbiSim offers a comprehensive, high-fidelity VR platform for nursing education, adhering to recognized international standards and fostering an environment of continuous growth and learning.

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Marissa Kloss
Nurse Educator

Marissa is an experienced nurse educator who started her career as a registered nurse in the inpatient pediatric healthcare setting. With over 10 years of practice in general pediatric healthcare, some focused on educating children and families on diabetic care, she developed an interest in nursing education. She expanded her educator role in clinical instruction and simulation, working with and mentoring nursing students. After joining UbiSim in 2021, she has taken on a role that includes designing simulations, consulting on new features and providing subject matter expertise for the UbiSim team. She is passionate about educating upcoming generations of nurses to feel better prepared for practice by using our immersive VR platform to create realistic scenarios and enjoyable learning experiences.

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