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How UbiSim Aligns with INACSL HSSOBP

Marissa Kloss, MS, RN, PED-BC | Oct 02, 2023
Marissa Kloss, MS, RN, PED-BC | Oct 06, 2023

UbiSim, designed exclusively for nursing, is a cutting-edge virtual reality training platform. It strictly adheres to the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice (HSSOBP). 

These standards ensure top-quality patient simulation activities, creating safe and effective learning environments. With UbiSim, users benefit from technologically advanced simulations that are pedagogically robust for nursing education.

Overview: INACSL HSSOBP & UbiSim

Professional Development

  • UbiSim's nursing educators prioritize their professional growth by attending and hosting webinars, publishing content, and engaging on social media, and monitoring feedback from learners and nurse educators.
  • Regular peer feedback ensures they remain updated with the latest skills and knowledge.

Prebriefing and Orientation

  • Expert nurse educators craft UbiSim's preparation activities, covering learning objectives, patient reports, EHR documents, and relevant medical details.
  • UbiSim briefings set a psychologically safe tone, clarify roles, and provide tutorials for the VR setup.

Simulation Design 

  • UbiSim's seasoned nurse educators, backed by extensive clinical knowledge, use evidence-based standards to create scenarios.
  • Every scenario aligns with the NCLEX Test Plan, Next Generation NCLEX, and AACN Essentials.
  • Scenarios come with clear, measurable objectives available to learners in advance.
  • Each patient is equipped with a detailed background and cues to enhance realism.
  • High fidelity is achieved through lifelike visuals and authentic interactions, strengthening the emotional connection between the learner and the patient.
  • Before release, each scenario undergoes a rigorous peer review and pilot testing.


  • The intuitive UbiSim Editor pre-defines patient details, ensuring the scenario flows as designed.
  • Pre-recorded dialogues ensure accuracy and alignment with learning goals.
  • Comprehensive pre-briefing and debriefing processes are standard for every scenario.

Debriefing Process

  • After each simulation, debriefing covers session feedback, reflection prompts, a post-simulation quiz, and a case study.


  • UbiSim requires minimal hardware – just a computer and a Quest 2 VR headset. Optional larger displays can enhance group sessions.
  • New clients receive comprehensive onboarding, and the UbiSim website offers dedicated support.

Outcomes & Objectives

  • All UbiSim scenarios align with the Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice.
  • They emphasize concise, evaluative learning objectives.

Professional Integrity

  • UbiSim prioritizes a safe, supportive environment promoting nursing proficiency.
  • A focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion is evident in the diverse patient scenarios presented.

Simulation-Enhanced Interprofessional Education

  • UbiSim's simulations draw from foundational theories like the Adult Learning Theory and The NLN Jeffries Simulation Theory.
  • While centered on nursing education, UbiSim is versatile for both academic and healthcare settings.
  • Scenarios are adaptable and the platform promotes teamwork through multiplayer functionality.

Evaluation of Learning and Performance

  • Post-scenario feedback reports can be employed for various evaluations as per institutional requirements.
  • The UbiSim Editor facilitates tailored scenario creations to match specific objectives or evaluations.

UbiSim offers a comprehensive, high-fidelity VR platform for nursing education, adhering to recognized international standards and fostering an environment of continuous growth and learning.

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