Features of UbiSim's Editor

UbiSim helps foster empathy and confidence when dealing with patients of all ages.

Ready-Made Scenarios or Create Your Own

Choose from a selection of high-quality, expert-validated Scenarios from UbiSim and our partners or customize them to fit your learning objectives. Educators can even create their own scenarios with our library of building blocks such as a wide variety of patients, conditions, medical equipment and environments.

A Powerful Authoring Tool for Nursing Simulation

The Editor guides educators through the entire process Of designing immersive virtual reality simulations that adhere to best practice standards. Educators are empowered to combine their existing skills and knowledge with the Editor to efficiently design simulation-based experiences that are specific to the needs of their target learners.

UbiSim provides a customizable interface where you can create the scenario best suited for any particular training.
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Share Across Your Institution and Beyond

We are inspired by the scenarios our partners have designed with the Editor and are excited to provide a platform where this excellent work can be disseminated. Educators can also use the Community Sharing feature to implement high quality scenarios created by fellow UbiSim partners.


The Future Is Limitless with UbiSim

I’m excited to see where this will take our students because I do believe virtual reality is the next step in health care education. The future really can be limitless.”
Meghan LaMont, M.S.N., R.N
Nursing Instructor Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso
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