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Discover how UbiSim empowers current and future nurses with the critical skills and situational decision-making infrastructure they need to save lives.
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Student get to experience real-life situations through immersive nursing simulation

Why UbiSim

Enhance clinical decision-making and foster nursing excellence with UbiSim VR

Dedicated to Nursing

We work exclusively on nursing simulation and immersive, interactive Virtual Reality. Our focus allows us to build a platform theat responds best to the unique needs of nursing educators and nursing students

Customizable Scenarios

Our pre-built scenarios are entirely customizable. Using our authoring tool, nursing educators and technicians can change any parameters in our scenarios or even create their own.

Interact with peers in a collaborative VR learning environment
Immersive VR enhances clinical judgement by simulating real-world scenarios.

Wireless & Truly Interactive

No menus or point-and-click! Running on wireless VR headsets, we use intuitive hand gestures for a genuinely immersive and intuitive experience. We focus on comfort and realism for the most effective learning.

Easy with the UbiSim Editor

Community College of Denver

The UbiSim Editor, our web-based simulation authoring tool, guided nursing instructor Frank Stickler through the entire scenario design process. Frank designed a nursing scenario focused on the physical assessment of a medically underserved patient in a community clinic. Through a health promotion lens, Frank’s scenario challenges nurse learners to build key transferable skills, including clinical judgment, physical assessment, patient education, and therapeutic communication.

UbiSim VR provides interactive simulations that enhance confidence in key decision-making moments

"The UbiSim Editor makes the flow of creating simulations easy to understand and easy to accomplish.”

Franklin (Frank) T. Stickler, II, BSN, RN, CNRN, CCRN

Simulation Coordinator & Adjunct Instructor

Department of Nursing Community College of Denver

High Level of Realism

Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing

UbiSim’s immersive VR simulations provide a high level of realism and fidelity that support learners in attaining the scenario objectives. Learners navigate an interactive virtual EHR to review labs, imaging, provider orders, and an eMAR. Our virtual patients display a wide variety of dynamic symptoms and features that are difficult to simulate with other modalities, including authentic facial expressions, respiratory distress, edema, and skin lesions. Learners recognize and analyze these important cues as they develop clinical judgment, prioritize nursing actions, and improve their practice moving forward.

Woman in white doctor's coat

"Having a regular manikin simulation has been great, but seeing a patient’s status and reaction changing before you, you can’t do that without virtual reality,” “With the headset on, students see the patient’s face changing. They can see a look of concern as the patient turns pale. It should trigger the nurse to look at the chart and take the right steps to save the patient.”

Meghan LaMont, M.S.N., R.N

Nursing Instructor

Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing, Texas Tech

Master Critical Nursing Skills

Texas Tech University

UbiSim VR simulations are authentic, allowing learners to suspend disbelief and focus on mastering critical nursing skills. UbiSim has no menu-based actions or communications. Learners simply speak with the patient, family, or member of the interprofessional healthcare team in their own words as they would in a real-life clinical setting. This empowers learners to improve their therapeutic and team-based communication skills. Nursing actions occur naturally in UbiSim. For example, learners simply pick up a stethoscope and place it on the patient’s chest to auscultate heart sounds, without any menus. By supporting natural communication and actions, learners can focus on what matters most – improving their nursing practice and patient outcomes.

Enhance clinical decision-making with UbiSim

"It’s the closest we get to the clinical setting without actually being there. The VR system works well. We can move the patient and get their vitals as we would with a real-life patient. It’s pretty life-like.”

Christian Santibanez


Texas Tech University


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Simulation Can Be Completed Anywhere

Only a 7’x7’ clear space is required. Whether learners are in the classroom, simulation lab, or at home,– they can access our high quality VR simulations

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Standalone Solution

Learners only need a VR headset to engage in our high-fidelity simulations. No expensive gaming computer, manikins or other simulation equipment is needed. This saves hardware costs and storage space

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An Intuitive Simulation Authoring Tool

Educators can instantly use our robust library of evidence-based scenarios, focused on diverse patients across the lifespan. Or ,with our web-based Editor, spend a small amount of time customizing or creating scenarios from scratch

Icon People

Supports A Peer-To-Peer Learning Model

Our VR simulations are standardized, actively engage learners, and use faculty resources judiciously

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No More Staging or Turning Over Rooms Between Scenarios

Press “Start” and the scenarios are ready to go, reducing staff burden

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