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June 12, 2024

UbiSim Debuts New Initiative to Support Goals of the Nursing is STEM Coalition

UbiSim's campaign kicks off at INACSL 2024 Conference to require U.S. government agencies to categorize nursing as a STEM field to help alleviate nursing shortage

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BOSTON and MONTREAL - June 12, 2024 - UbiSim (, the world’s first immersive virtual reality platform built specifically for nursing and nursing simulation, and its parent company, Labster, today announced their support for the Nursing is STEM Coalition

By endorsing the campaign, UbiSim recognizes that nursing is a STEM profession and that nursing education is a powerful driver of socioeconomic improvement for nurse learners and their communities. 

"On behalf of Labster and our UbiSim platform for nurse training, our team is proud to support the Nursing is STEM Coalition,” said Shawn Boom, CEO of Labster ( “STEM skills are a fundamental part of 21st-century education and nursing is a vital component of STEM, deeply rooted in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Supporting the recognition of nursing as a STEM discipline is essential for acknowledging the critical role nurses play in our healthcare system."

The Nursing is STEM Coalition aims to categorize nursing as a STEM field across all U.S. government agencies. This can unlock funding and support for nursing education initiatives, and enable foreign-born nursing students to help alleviate the nursing shortage by providing them with the same preferred, three-year working visas currently available to other STEM students.

“The Nursing is STEM Coalition is incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support provided by professional organizations, including training platforms like UbiSim and Labster. We have received explicit feedback to ensure we have strong support behind our petitions, and appreciate organizations who commit to helping spread our STEM initiative,” said Jason Garbarino, DNP, RN, GERO-BC, CNL, director of the Nursing is STEM Coalition. 

UbiSim's Lead Nurse Educator, Christine Vogel, MSN, RN, CHSE, CHSOS, also shared her support for the initiative. "As a nurse, nurse educator, and healthcare simulationist, I stand with the Nursing is STEM Coalition in recognizing nursing as a STEM profession. This recognition will attract more diverse talent, inspire curious minds to pursue nursing, and ensure a robust, well-supported nursing workforce for the future," she said.

UbiSim and Labster urge other organizations and institutions to support the Nursing is STEM Coalition by joining and spreading the word at More information about supporting the Nursing is STEM Coalition can be picked up at UbiSim booth 417 at the annual International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning Conference (INACSL) in Raleigh, North Carolina, between June 12-14, 2024.

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June 4, 2024

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Industry Challenges
April 28, 2024

Using Virtual Reality to Improve Communication and Collaboration in Nursing Teams

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