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April 21, 2022

Nursing Students at TTUHSC of El Paso Using Virtual Reality In the Classroom

Virtual reality is becoming more popular, especially for video game lovers, but it’s become a practical tool.

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EL PASO, Texas — Virtual reality is becoming more popular, especially for video game lovers, but it’s become a practical tool. Nursing students at Texas Tech University Health Sciences of El Paso are using it to train how to treat patients.

About 20 students this spring semester have been using Oculus headsets that put them in a virtual reality hospital. Students are given different patients that are experiencing different illnesses. Sessions last about 20 minutes, followed by a quiz. They are then required to fill out documentation just like they would in a hospital setting.

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Industry Challenges
April 28, 2024

Using Virtual Reality to Improve Communication and Collaboration in Nursing Teams

Nursing is a profession that requires not only technical skills, but also soft skills such as critical thinking, decision making, empathy, confidence, teamwork, and smooth communication. But how can less experienced nurses develop their soft skills in terms of judgment, communication, and teamwork for better patient outcomes? Simulations allow nurses to practice and improve clinical reasoning, teamwork, and resilience in a realistic, controlled, high-pressure but safe environment. That’s the value of simulation; it’s a chance to make mistakes, analyze and reflect on performance, determine the possible fixes, and build muscle memory without real-world consequences from errors.

Product Information
April 30, 2024

UbiSim Virtual Reality EdTech Platform Enhanced with New Therapeutic Communication Scenarios for Nurse Learners‍

‍New UbiSim immersive VR scenarios featuring a transgender patient and Black patient with Alzheimer’s disease offer greater access to diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning in nursing education.

Product Information
April 4, 2024

UbiSim Wins 2024 Cool Tool Award from EdTech Digest

The immersive Virtual Reality platform designed for nursing simulation has won the VR/AR Solution category of the annual EdTech Awards.

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