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December 7, 2020

Nursing Education in a Pandemic

With COVID-19 an ever-present risk, nursing leadership at Labouré College has risen to the challenge of creating new and effective instruction methods and a safe learning environment.

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Creating a Pandemic Plan

Labouré College's Dean of Nursing, Karen Manning, MSN, RN, started planning early. “In February, I started working on the ‘COVID Plan.’ By March, I was thinking about how to continue clinical for Spring. Then we needed to determine how we were going to keep the Summer semester while delivering the same level of skill training and knowledge we typically provide. That’s how virtual reality came about.”

By April, Manning had identified UbiSim, a virtual reality training program for nursing, to supplement the students’ high-fidelity simulation lab experience on campus.

“I had to come up with something that would continue to use the students’ clinical thinking skills, did not require an intensive amount of cleaning between uses, and would maintain all social distancing and infection control guidelines. There are a lot of video tools available for students, but I wanted something that would feel like walking into a patient’s room – something that would require communication, interactions, and skills.”

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Higher Education
January 29, 2024

New virtual training lab for RPCC nursing students

As part of a larger initiative in spatial learning, RPCC expanded its VR Mobile Sim Lab to include a permanent, fixed VR Sim Lab at Reserve. With over 50 pre-built scenarios, instructors and students can get started in the VR platform immediately. And when students are done, the VR healthcare platform allows for instructors to capture data that otherwise is counterproductive, if not impossible, to assess student performance with necessary skills. From how long the student took to make decisions, to rewatching the student’s performance, and even automatically capturing skills gaps based on objectives the instructor prescribes, faculty can focus more on the teaching, learning, and reteaching necessary to help students reach their highest potential as healthcare professionals. However, the power of this VR healthcare platform goes beyond those features. In consultation with faculty, RPCC’s Department of Innovative Teaching & Learning is developing their own healthcare experiences in VR to represent situations healthcare professionals more accurately in south Louisiana will encounter.

Higher Education
January 26, 2024

New Virtual Reality Lab Unveiled at Maria College

The Andrea Lewis Siek School of Nursing at Maria College has opened its Center for Academic Innovation, which includes a virtual reality simulation lab. The head of the new center, Dr. Jason Coley, said it’s an opportunity to simulate real-life scenarios so nursing students can practice before they work with people in real life. Coley said the lab tracks student progress and helps students with decision-making and communication skills. In addition, scenarios can be changed on the fly to make them more challenging for advanced students.

Industry Challenges
December 7, 2023

Why Nurses Crave Time to Teach Other Nurses

During a critical nursing shortage, practicing nurses want to be allowed more time for teaching and mentoring fellow nurse learners, as multiple benefits for both sides could result in improved satisfaction. Article written by Christine Vogel, MSN, RN, CHSE, CHSOS, Lead Nurse Educator at UbiSim.

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