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May 18, 2022

Moraine Valley Nursing Using Virtual Reality, Upgraded Simulators

Moraine Valley nursing program implements virtual reality and upgraded simulators in classes at Palos Hills and Blue Island campuses.

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PALOS HILLS, IL — As technology progresses, the nursing program at Moraine Valley Community College is following suit, having completed its first cohort using virtual reality in class and purchasing high fidelity simulators.

Last month, nursing classes at the main campus in Palos Hills and at the Education Center at Blue Island used 25 Oculus headsets and specific software to simulate being in a hospital and treating a patient. With the headset on, students walk into a virtual hospital room, talk to a patient who responds and relays symptoms, and the students must decide on treatment. Sometimes the patient becomes unstable, and students need to call the doctor or help the patient recover. They even can look at charts and X-rays as if they were really in the room with a patient.

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Higher Education
January 29, 2024

New virtual training lab for RPCC nursing students

As part of a larger initiative in spatial learning, RPCC expanded its VR Mobile Sim Lab to include a permanent, fixed VR Sim Lab at Reserve. With over 50 pre-built scenarios, instructors and students can get started in the VR platform immediately. And when students are done, the VR healthcare platform allows for instructors to capture data that otherwise is counterproductive, if not impossible, to assess student performance with necessary skills. From how long the student took to make decisions, to rewatching the student’s performance, and even automatically capturing skills gaps based on objectives the instructor prescribes, faculty can focus more on the teaching, learning, and reteaching necessary to help students reach their highest potential as healthcare professionals. However, the power of this VR healthcare platform goes beyond those features. In consultation with faculty, RPCC’s Department of Innovative Teaching & Learning is developing their own healthcare experiences in VR to represent situations healthcare professionals more accurately in south Louisiana will encounter.

Higher Education
January 26, 2024

New Virtual Reality Lab Unveiled at Maria College

The Andrea Lewis Siek School of Nursing at Maria College has opened its Center for Academic Innovation, which includes a virtual reality simulation lab. The head of the new center, Dr. Jason Coley, said it’s an opportunity to simulate real-life scenarios so nursing students can practice before they work with people in real life. Coley said the lab tracks student progress and helps students with decision-making and communication skills. In addition, scenarios can be changed on the fly to make them more challenging for advanced students.

Industry Challenges
December 7, 2023

Why Nurses Crave Time to Teach Other Nurses

During a critical nursing shortage, practicing nurses want to be allowed more time for teaching and mentoring fellow nurse learners, as multiple benefits for both sides could result in improved satisfaction. Article written by Christine Vogel, MSN, RN, CHSE, CHSOS, Lead Nurse Educator at UbiSim.

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