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UbiSim's Virtual Reality is a Catalyst for Confidence in a Nursing Student

Bailey Arrata is a senior at National University, where she uses UbiSim immersive virtual reality (VR). Bailey went viral on TikTok, sharing her experience using VR. She’s been working in a hospital setting for ten years and is using UbiSim to train to be a full-time nurse alongside clinicals and other modalities. Bailey shared that UbiSim VR helps her feel more prepared and confident about being a nurse. 

Key takeaways:

  • UbiSim enhances the preparation and confidence of nursing students
  • The high level of realism in scenarios offers students an understanding of patient care
  • Through repetition in a risk-free environment, UbiSim reduces performance anxiety

Enhanced Learning Through Immersive Simulation

“I use UbiSim as part of a scholarship I got through school. They even gave us our own headsets to practice at home. It’s easier with a facilitator to help me, even if that’s a friend or family member. Practicing in VR is really cool.”

Continued Practice Leading to Mastery

“I’ve gotten a lot of experience using one scenario in particular, the COPD scenario with Charles Marx. Because of my experience with UbiSim, I could care for a patient with COPD with my eyes closed.”

Authentic Experiences in Virtual Environments

“The part of UbiSim that I like best is how realistic it is. You can hear the lung and heart sounds. I've even tried to hop into a different scenario before and see the difference between listening to somebody who didn't have COPD and someone who did. It’s been helpful.”

Overcoming Anxiety with Repetition

“I have a patient-facing role and have been in hospitals for 10 years, but treating patients is totally different. The nursing performance part is the hardest, and being able to practice that a million times with UbiSim has definitely calmed my anxiety a lot. I truly believe practice makes perfect and permanent learning.”

UbiSim Enhances Confidence

“I would definitely recommend UbiSim. I have classmates who are super nervous because they feel they don’t get much bedside practice, assisting patients, administering meds, etc. UbiSim gives them and me more confidence in knowing what to do.”

Bailey Arrata
Nursing Student

“Because of my experience with UbiSim, I could care for a patient with COPD with my eyes closed.”

UbiSim is used by all 1100 undergraduate nursing students and now accounts for 33% of simulation time in the BSN program

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