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May 30, 2023

May 2023 Product Release — Airways


Ginelle Testa
UbiSim Story Teller

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Announcing New UbiSim Scenarios, Features, and Improvements

The focus of our May 2023 release is airways. We’ve added two new audible breathing sounds, a new head tilt/chin lift procedure, and suction via a catheter. These new features enhance new and existing scenarios and can be also used to author new scenarios within our intuitive Editor.  

As always, UbiSim customers can upgrade whenever they are ready, without any interruption to their existing experience. Feel free to reach out with any questions to

Hear from one of our nurse educators about the release: “Our latest release will feature some amazing new features and scenarios to enhance our existing scenarios and add to our catalog! A new feature allows for additional auditory breathing sounds including wheezing and secretions to add to the realism of the patient presentation to provide learners with a true to life experience. A suction catheter which allows for superficial suction will be part of the latest release giving learners more equipment to choose from. Two new scenarios will be released which align with evidence-based practice and align with best practices in simulation using guidelines from INACSL and HSSOBP. These scenarios provide opportunities to further train and educate learners in pediatric and mental health nursing to apply their clinical judgement knowledge to care for various types of patients! - Marissa Kloss, MS, RN, PED-BC

Here’s what you’ll find in UbiSim version 1.10:

New Scenarios

Two new UbiSim scenarios are available. Note that all scenarios have been updated and aligned to the NCSBN Next Generation NCLEX!

  • Emma Albright - Fever in an Infant: Learners care for an infant with a fever of unidentified origin by prioritizing interventions and providing support and reassurance for an anxious mother.
  • Angel Velazquez - Mental Status Exam: Learners practice their mental status exam and assessment skills for a patient with a history of schizophrenia, while working on developing empathy and therapeutic communication skills. 

New Features

  • A Suction Catheter, Regulator and Canister are now available for all patients. This allows for regular superficial suctioning of secretions from the mouth and nares. This new equipment can be enabled from the Environment section of the scenario editor, with settings for volume, color and thickness of secretions to appear in the canister when suction is performed. Suctioning the mouth or nose can be used as a condition in transitions and feedback.
Baby in a bed in a hospital room in VR setting.
  • These were also added to the Carmen Castillo - Bronchiolitis scenario
  • Related to the new suctioning equipment, the existing suction bulb (available for infants only) can now be used on the mouth as well as the nose.
  • Two new audible sounds can be selected for the respiratory state of all patients: wheezing and secretions in the upper airway. In addition, both options can be selected to appear with or without visible shortness of breath.
  • These were added to three applicable scenarios: 
  • Nadia Carter - Pyelonephritis
  • Joseph "Joey" Duncan - 6 year-old with Acute Asthma Exacerbation
  • Joshua "Josh" Wilson - 10 yr old Receiving a Blood Transfusion
  • The head tilt/chin lift procedure is available for all patients. The patient must be in supine to perform the procedure, then the learner will touch the patient’s head and chin. A success sound will be heard. This procedure has a condition for use in transitions and feedback. 
Man in bed in hospital VR setting.
  • As a reminder, supine position is now available for all patients with bed controls allowing movement to the 0 degrees/supine position.
  • A warning popup informs the learner and facilitator when the recommended time for the scenario has been reached. This is determined by the ‘length of simulation’ field in the editor. 

Fixes & Improvements

  • The blood bank band has a new, more readable version for our infant patient
  • Clearer messaging when the server is under maintenance (for example while we are making a new release available)
  • Several small usability improvements in the Scenario Editor

UbiSim's Version 1.10 is an exciting product launch that makes the UbiSim experience even more realistic and engaging. Whether you are a nurse educator or a nurse learner, these new features and improvements will enhance your clinical experience through immersive VR simulation. 

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Ginelle Testa
UbiSim Story Teller

As an integral center of UbiSim's content team, Ginelle pens stories on the rapidly changing landscape of VR in nursing simulation. Ginelle is committed to elevating the voices of practicing nurses, nurse educators, and program leaders who are making a difference.

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