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July 17, 2023

2023 Next Generation NCLEX Test Plan Supplements


Ginelle Testa
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Maybe it’s time for you or one of your students to prepare for the Next Generation NCLEX exam for nursing licensure from the NCSBN. What’s the best way to do this? It’s important to keep in mind the differences between the new and old tests

We’ve rounded up supplements like interactive courses and immersive VR to help you or your students succeed in taking the test.

Supplements for Next Gen NCLEX Test Prep

1. Comprehensive Study Guides

These study guides are specifically designed to cover all the content areas and concepts tested in the Next Generation NCLEX. They provide a comprehensive overview of key topics, along with practice questions and explanations to reinforce understanding.

Next Generation NCLEX Test Plan

This test plan is updated every three years and is provided by the Next Generation NCLEX, making it one of the most accurate resources. It’s an in-depth look at the following:

  • A definition of each Client Needs category
  • A definition of clinical judgment
  • Nursing activity statements
  • Detailed content examples
  • Sample NCLEX items
  • Item writing tips

2. Interactive Online Course

Online courses offer a flexible and convenient way to prepare for the Next Generation NCLEX exam. These courses incorporate multimedia elements such as videos, animations, and interactive quizzes to engage learners and enhance comprehension.

  • NCLEX Simulator has 31 courses, an NCLEX Simulator, and 6,000 practice questions.

3. VR Nursing Simulations

Immersive virtual reality has emerged as a tool to help prepare learners for not just the Next Generation NCLEX but also their careers as a nurse. It can help prepare learners to gain clinical judgment and make decisions in a realistic environment.

“One of the great things about simulation is that unlike in the clinical setting, students don’t have the clinical instructors right next to them. They have to make decisions on their own.” - Kara Moriarty, Faculty at Cape Cod Community College

UbiSim is an immersive virtual reality platform built specifically for nursing students and nurses. 

4. 1:1 Personalized Tutoring

1:1 Personalized Tutoring is an effective option for Next Generation NCLEX prep. It offers individual attention, tailored instruction, and addresses specific needs. Tutors provide guidance and test-taking strategies and help develop critical thinking skills. 

Here are some tutoring service websites:

5. Virtual or In-Person Study Groups

Collaborating with peers in study groups can be an effective way to reinforce learning and exchange knowledge. They can meet in person, or video conferencing tools enable students to connect with others preparing for the Next Generation NCLEX.

There’s an NCLEX-RN Study Facebook Group with over 10,000 people in it preparing for their tests.

6. Flashcards

Flashcards are helpful tools for memorizing key facts, terms, and concepts. They can be used to review and reinforce important information, making it easier to recall during the exam.

Quizlet has Next Generation NCLEX flashcards.


Whether you are a student preparing for the exam or an educator guiding your students through the process, take advantage of these supplements and other available resources. With dedication, persistence, and the support of these supplements, passing the Next Generation NCLEX is well within your reach. Embrace the journey, get equipped with these valuable tools, and step confidently toward a rewarding career in nursing.

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