Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, we are a multidisciplinary team of people passionate about healthcare simulation and virtual reality. Our team includes nursing educators, simulation experts, engineers, and 3D artists.

Founded in Switzerland in 2016, UbiSim started with a first partnership with nursing experts and students at the renowned Haute école de la Santé La Source, in Lausanne.

We are all deeply passionate about our mission to use the unique advantages of VR to make nursing simulation more accessible and realistic than ever before. We believe that better-trained nurses mean better and safer patient care and that is what motivates us to come to work everyday.

You are in good company!

Our clients range from academic nursing institutions to private companies and training hospitals.

From the University of Montreal and its 1,300 nursing students to major medical equipment manufacturers, we are proud to work with leading institutions around the world to increase access to healthcare simulation and improve patient safety.

Selected Clients

UbiSim is transforming healthcare education and practice! Educators are now able to create interactive learning experiences that include virtual patients and realistic environments that assist with the development of essential critical thinking skills. Whether it is used in the classroom or for individual deliberate practice, access to simulation has never been so easy.

- Caroline White,

Healthcare Simulationist, BScN, RN, CHSE
UbiSim provides a VR simulation experience where participants collaborate in teams, interact with high-fidelity virtual patients, and provide evidence-based nursing care. UbiSim leverages state-of-the-art VR technology to provide a deeply immersive learning platform. Students suspend disbelief and behave as if they are in real-life patient encounters, which leads to robust learning and fosters the development of clinical judgment. UbiSim also helps students to develop transferable skills they will need to provide safe patient care, including teamwork, adaptability, and therapeutic communication.

- Maria D'Errico



Let’s work together!

We are always looking for the best and brightest to join us. Our team’s diversity and wide range of skills is our most valuable asset. No matter what your background is, if you are as passionate as we are about healthcare simulation using VR and want to help us in our mission, there is surely a position for you on our team.

UbiSim is the perfect opportunity for me to make the most of my passion for interactive experiences and apply it to something I care about - making patient care safer. I have always felt that well-crafted virtual experiences can offer a lot to education and seeing so many professionals using our platform is proof for that.
- Antoine Gustin
Computer Graphics Lead