What Motivates You To Go To Work Every Day?

Nurse educators are turning the tied against the nursing shortage and transforming the way new nurses are prepared to enter the profession. Our work at UbiSim is inspired by their passion and commitment every single day, so we were interested to hear...what motivates nurse educators to go to work every day?
Student get to experience real-life situations through immersive nursing simulation

"Knowing that each day I might have a chance to contribute to a student's 'aha' moment. There is nothing better than seeing a student's face when they 'get it.'”

"The opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with students in order to ensure they are learning best practices to guide there nursing care.”

"Being able to participate in the training of the next generation of nurses keeps me excited and ready for work each day!”

"Knowing that my day's input into a students life will impact a patient, family and community in ways beyond me.”

"Our college mission and that is to provide economic prosperity through quality education to underrepresented people in our community.”

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