Enabling Nursing Programs to Keep on Training From VR Experiences

The Virtual Simulation Recorder is unfortunately not available anymore. Our number one priority has been to support you and your students during this unprecedented time. We received a tremendous amount of requests for this solution and the team is glad to have supported 60+ programs. Responding to the global COVID-19 crisis, we launched a powerful free new training tool for nursing simulation programs which enables nurse educators to record a Virtual Reality experience and immediately share the video lesson with their students. The Virtual Simulation Recorder functionality, launched to help mitigate educational disruptions to Nursing Schools, provided a very quick way for Clinical Simulation faculty, who own VR headsets, to create and share customized video lessons from a first person VR perspective.

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    About UbiSim

    UbiSim is the leading immersive training platform for nursing that offers a complete simulation lab on a flexible platform allowing you to create and experience realistic clinical situations without the need to access physical simulation centers.