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Enhance Flexibility with Multiple Types of Facilitation

UbiSim is designed to be versatile, allowing for flexibility in adoption and use within the curriculum.


Learners take turns participating in the simulation in small groups, alternating roles between the active participant who cares for the VR patient, the learner triggering the preset dialogs on the computer, and the active observer taking notes.


A facilitator triggers the dialog of the patient, the provider, family and friends, while the active participant cares for the patient in the role of the nurse. The simulation can be projected onto a larger screen so observers can see events as they unfold.


Up to 3 active learners can collaborate together in the same simulation, with the ability to hand each other objects like stethoscopes, assess the patient, and share information in real-time. This model challenges students to function within teams.


Peers can learn by actively observing the simulation on their computers or joining the simulation as a “ghost” in virtual reality.

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Does UbiSim work on all VR headsets?

UbiSim works on the entire wireless Quest family of headsets, including Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro. Headsets are not included with a UbiSim purchase.

Can UbiSim work alongside manikins?

Yes of course! UbiSim complements manikins with a scalable solution that incorporates teamwork, authentic communication/interaction, and clinical judgment within a virtual context.

Is UbiSim aligned with industry standards?

Each scenario aligns with the Next Generation NCLEX-RN® test plan, the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model, and the AACN Essentials Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education.

Can UbiSim scenarios be customized?

Yes! Alongside UbiSim’s extensive catalog of scenarios, UbiSim offers the industry’s most intuitive scenario editing tool. Users are able to easily customize, create and share scenarios to meet unique program needs. Browse our extensive catalog.

Do faculty need to be present for training to occur?

UbiSim is adaptable for peer or faculty facilitation, offering scalability and flexible facilitation strategies that don't require skilled facilitators.